Screen printing division: Oxy goes on the offensive with France Relance

The arrival of the new ATMA screen printing machine at Oxy’s production centre in Aubagne heralds the planned replacement of the entire fleet.

Maintaining control of production and 40 years of know-how, improving quality and flexibility and meeting CSR commitments are the foundations of Oxy’s strategy to consolidate its preferred industrial markets (aeronautics, railways) and to target new sectors, such as the medical sector.

The €400,000 “boost” granted by Bpifrance as part of France Relance will enable Oxy to accelerate the renewal of its screen printing line.

A more precise and robust process than digital for printing on flexible or rigid surfaces such as metals, screen printing also allows printing using inks with very specific properties (conductive) and requires highly qualified expertise. With camera-assisted registration and a print accuracy of +/- 15µm, the ATMA machine enables Oxy to expand its range of possibilities.

The increase in the production volume of the screen printing division will also eventually lead to the creation of additional jobs.