Tamper-Proof Labels

Tamper-Proof Labels

Tamper-proof labels are designed to prevent fraud by protecting any object or packaging from attempts to open them.

They cannot be repositioned or reused, and any attempt to remove them damages or destroys them.

At OXY, we understand the issues around this type of product and study each context carefully to give you the solution you need, whether you’re looking for deterrent labels, safety labels or warranty seals.

Technical characteristics

  • non-reusable
  • non-repositionable

There are two types of tamper-proof labels:

  • VOID labels: the word “VOID” is integrated into the label material. If anyone attempts to remove the label, the message VOID is transferred from the label to the product, and the label appears damaged. It can no longer be used, and the product is marked by the attempted fraud.
  • ultra-destructible labels: these labels are made of ultra-destructible materials that are broken if anyone attempts to remove them. They either disintegrate or the pre-cut surface rips off leaving behind the pre-cut pattern (ripple effect). These labels cannot be repaired, making them unusable.

Destructible vinyl, polyester, etc.