Metalphoto Nameplates

Metalphoto Nameplates

Just like nameplates, these signs are plaques placed on machines to clearly identify them and provide important information such as the serial number, manufacturing date and the manufacturer. However, Metalphoto nameplates are photosensitive anodized aluminium plaques that can be printed in black or colour.

These nameplates comply with standards in force.

Technical characteristics

  • Rectangular in shape, with or without rounded edges and drill holes
  • Highly resistant: withstands chemical corrosion, mould, humidity (35-year corrosion warranty), temperature changes (up to 400° C), the most corrosive environments and UV (20-year outdoor warranty)

Plaque aluminium anodisé photosensible.

Installation and options

Black and colour printing (yellow – green – light green – blue – dark blue – red – orange – gold – purple – brown – cyan blue – magenta).