Our Services

Our approach to service: going the extra mile

At Oxy, our strength lies in our adaptability and availability.

We analyse the specificities of your sector, site, profile, technical constraints, deadlines and budget to provide you with a quick and tailored solution.

Got a technical challenge?

Our design office gets involved in all phases of your project, whether it involves developing an innovative solution, managing health and safety for installing a banner on a building or integrating new know-how.

A team of multidisciplinary engineering and technical experts is engaged from the pre-project phase up to production, and works in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers.

Tight deadlines?

Oxy offers an express service involving round-the-clock production to deliver anywhere in the world in record time, e.g. AOG* procedures for the aeronautical industry, and logistics and planning for simultaneous installation across France.
* Aircraft On Ground

We ensure performance and quality using workflow automation that covers each step of the project, from your quote to the finished product. This helps Oxy reduce lead times, minimise the risk of errors and monitor each of our projects in real time.

Installation to ensure your project is just right!

Oxy has dedicated expertise in on-time high-quality installation – the last, but usually critical, stage of your project.

Installation in both sensitive environments and sites in use

The experience and ingenuity of Oxy’s installers

Our installers have French CACES forklift driver and HOBO-BS electrical installation certifications, and comply with health, safety and environmental standards. Teams are also available for night-time or weekend installation if required.

Multi-site installation nationally

Oxy coordinates logistics and teams

For distribution, franchise and transport networks, OXY has national branches for deploying communication materials to any point of sale, agency, public space or other location.