Our Company

Opening up new possibilities

At Oxy, we have been serving our customers for over forty years as an expert in printing and signage solutions. We develop relationships of trust that are constantly opening up new possibilities:

  • Our culture of excellence ensures we offer the same level of quality for large-scale industrial production runs or small customised projects.
  • Our versatility and adaptability give us the agility to meet the needs of all our customers, from the aeronautical industry to the museum sector.
  • Our 7000 m² facility in Aubagne covers the whole range of techniques, from digital printing and screen printing to forming, assembly, machining and installation anywhere in France.
  • Our teams of engineers are always looking for innovative processes like dye-sub printing to help our customers stand out.

In 2022, Nathalie ROBIN passed on the family business to Sébastien TRAUTMANN. A change in continuity, faithful to the spirit and values that have always driven Oxy.

Sebastien TRAUTMANN, CEO & Nathalie ROBIN

As an independent SME today, you have to be agile to keep 100% of production in France and remain competitive.

By investing all our energy in a profession that is continually reinventing itself, Oxy now enjoys industry-wide recognition of its expertise from major corporations.

A customer-oriented organisational structure

Production-focused management

From your quote to your shipment, every step in the manufacturing process is built around production. Each player in the process is in constant contact with the production department, to make sure that the customer’s quality and deadline specifications are met:

  • Sales and Quotations
  • Procurement
  • Design and Methods (design of new products, prototypes, manufacturing process and organisation of production)
  • Industrialisation
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Control
  • Shipping/Delivery
  • Installation

A continuous improvement production strategy

The performance of our production facilities naturally depends on our ability to control costs, quality and lead times, but we also target excellence through a continuous improvement strategy, by:

  • Improving quality
  • Adapting to demand
  • Reducing lead times
  • Improving productivity
  • Optimising our response
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction

Workflow automation to optimise lead times and increase production quality.

Optimise productivity and quality with a standardised information system

Oxy has invested in an ERP covering the company’s main functional components (production management, sales management, logistics, human resources, accounting, management control), in order to:

  • Optimise management processes (business and financial flows)
  • Improve data consistency and uniformity
  • Ensure information system integrity, coherency and sharing, in order to facilitate internal and external communication
  • Use a single information system to facilitate internal and external communication
  • Optimise data entry and reduce processing times
  • Control implementation and rollout costs and lead times

In 2020, Oxy implemented workflow automation to ensure the quality of all stages of manufacturing, from ordering to shipment.