Our Commitments

Our environment, our values

From its beginnings, Oxy has operated a strict equal opportunities policy, whatever the job.

Whether it’s helping future engineers get their professional training diploma through long-term partnerships, hiring people with disabilities and seniors or committing to socially responsible employment practices, for Oxy, equality is a fundamental management principle.

This approach naturally encourages dialogue, in an atmosphere where decision-making at all levels is driven by sharing best practices.

Printing is about marking surfaces, not the environment

The printing industry still needs to make more progress, but Oxy is working to advance initiatives aimed at reducing its impact on the environment.

We have a Quality and Environment Manager, and operate our business in line with standards. We use Green Guard certified inks, implement waste traceability and have complied with Imprim’vert criteria since 2012.

Oxy received ISO 14001 certification in 2020, and is engaged in a CSR evaluation process under ISO 26000.

Gender equality

Ensuring gender balance requires a long-term management commitment. At Oxy, we work on this at all stages, from recruitment, within departments and at each step of our employees’ careers, up to the senior management level.

We monitor gender parity regularly, publishing our results every year, in order to measure our progress and stay on course.

Adopting an eco-responsible approach

Oxy goes over and above by offering its customers environmentally-friendly alternatives such as upcycling. Through this type of initiative, canvas banners are turned into designer objects in collaboration with an organisation that helps people integrate into the workforce.

By sourcing supplies locally and operating its production facilities in France, Oxy is investing in sustainable development.

Driven by quality

Quality is at the heart of OXY’s management system, and we have a specific system in place.

Quality control processes at all levels help us uphold the highest standards of service.

Oxy is a signatory of the French Fab commitment charter.

Oxy is committed to placing at the heart of its priorities :
– Innovation as a lever for the development of its activities.

– The modernization of its means of production as well as its business models, notably through digital technology.

– Adapting work organization to new practices and training in new skills.

– The ecological and environmental performance of its production methods and products.