Les Maisons du Bel Âge clearly signposted thanks to Oxy

On the initiative of the Bouches-du-Rhône council, over 50 welcome centres are set to open across the département to improve the quality of life for seniors and prevent isolation.
Oxy made and installed all the outdoor (signs, flags) and indoor signage (window stickers, privacy films).
Each institution is unique so Oxy had to adapt to integrate the welcome centres into their environment, in line with the graphic identity of Les Maisons du Bel Âge.

Main products created:
> Sign: Either aluminium box letters in RAL 7016 or aluminium sheet in RAL 7016 with CAD polymer adhesive decorative film and aluminium installation frame.
> Flag: Double-sided aluminium sheet in RAL 7016 with inside frame + patina. CAD polymer adhesive decorative film.
> Window stickers: Ultra-clear print. INT 256 privacy film. CAD VCRE WHITE vinyl.
> Inside wall decorations: V200 adhesive film + V750M protection.