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Dye-sub printing

Dye-sub printing offers lasting results

Dye-sub printing is a new technology offered by Oxy to make your prints stand out with unrivalled quality that stands up to anything.

How does dye-sub printing give your print work unrivalled quality?

The chemical composition of the inks used in dye-sub printing creates outstanding results with darker blacks and brighter colours. The outcome is amazing, and doesn’t compare to any other printing techniques.

Why is dye-sub printing so durable?

The major advantage of Oxy’s dye-sub printing is its mechanical and chemical durability, which protects it from impacts, dust, oil, UV light, heavy solvents and more. The dye is infused into the substrate, protecting your print with no need for any additional coating or lamination.

What applications is dye-sub printing best for?

Dye-sub printing is ideal for photos on rigid substrates, offering film photography results, and is also suitable for building and museum signage, luxury POS displays and design decors. The durability of dye-sub printing means that you can display your high-quality prints in public places without worrying about damage.

With a wide range of available substrates, you can let your imagination run wild. Steel, aluminium, wood (MDF, hardboard, natural wood), phenolic sheets, glass and potentially aluminium composite in the future, are all options for dye-sub printing.

Oxy’s dye-sub printing solutions come in matt or gloss finishes, with several shapes and thicknesses (customised machining up to 1250 x 800 mm).



  • 1 EPSON dye-sub printer
  • 1 dye-sub press

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